Word Head

Highly recommended for adults and children from about 2nd grade up."
The iMum.com Reviews by Mothers of Little Gadget Lovers - 4.5 Stars

Word Head Secrets.

1.  Hey Word Header!  If you love this game but find it difficult now and again scoring at least a 65% score rate during the Alphabet Quest, this is for you!  We should all know that to look for the hidden word and advance to the next Alphabet Quest, we need at least a 65% score rate for the listed words.  What is a 65% score rate?  Well think of it this way.  If you get all three stars (Blue, Red, Yellow) for each letter of the word, then you received a 3/3 (or 100% score rate) for that word.  If you only get two stars (Red, Yellow) for each letter of the word, then you received a 2/3 (or 67% score rate) for that word.  And if you only get one star (Yellow) for each letter of the word, then you received a 1/3 (or 33% score rate) for that word.  This means that for the listed words on the cube, you must shoot for getting at least two stars for each of the words in order to make the overall 65% score rate.  Or you just need an average of two stars for each word.  That means for every word you only receive one star for each letter, you then need to make sure your next word is a 3 star word.  If you can do that, then you will always make the overall 65% score rate needed to look for the hidden word.

Now how do we do that?  Pretty simple.  Follow the below steps.

a.  Remember, we have as much time as we want to study the cube looking for words before we make any selections.  Your first word selected will always score 3 stars (100%).  So look for your longest word first.

b.  Always look for words in pairs before selecting your next word.  That way you'll be able to quickly select that second word which will give you 3 stars (100%) per letter.  Continuing to do this will ensure you average 2 stars (67%) per letter as you find and select the words on the cube.

c.  If you know your next word selected will only give one star (33%) per letter, then look for your shortest word to select first, followed by a longer word to quickly select second for 3 stars (100%)

d.  Following the above steps will always ensure you make the overall 65% score rate need to look for the hidden word.

Good Luck Word Header!  Think outside the Box!

2.  Hey Word Header!  Don't give up on the Alphabet Quest too soon!  There are 78 total word lists to unlock.  That means you must complete the Alphabet Quest three (3) complete times to unlock them all.  You become an Alphabet Quest Adventurer the first time you complete it.  Then you become an Alphabet Quest Explorer.  And finally, you become an Alphabet Quest Hero.

Come on Word Header!  Exercise your Brain!  Be a Hero! 

3.  Hey Word Header!  Don't be selfish!  Let everybody else you know reap the benefits of being a Word Header!  Create and share word lists with them all.  Share with one friend and become a Friendly Word Header.  Share with 10 friends and become a Popular Word Header.  Share with 24 friends and become a Superstar Word Header!

Come on Word Header!  Empower yourself!  Be a Superstar!

4.  Hey Word Header!  Want to know how to get a perfect score on the 7x7 and 8x8 cubes?  One thing's for sure, don't try it by playing the Alphabet Quest.  Just play a single word list where there is no hidden word, and make sure you're set to low word density.  Then all you need to do is memorize the location of 14 words (7x7 Cube) or 16 words (8x8 Cube) before you start selecting them real fast.

Come on Word Header!  Get Smart!  Be a perfect Word Header!

16 Nov 2013
Hey Word Headers!

I just updated Word Head to the new iOS7 and have been working out the kinks based off feedback from bad reviews that people give me.   Thanks.  I love 1 Star Reviews – keeps me on my toes.
Of course it would be much better if you just e-mailed me the issue, and I promise it will be fixed just as fast.  And that way I could at least e-mail you a question or two about the issue instead of trying to guess what it is by reading a 1 Star Review.     ajkiger@gmail.com

I added some analytics to the latest update (2.07) and I now have over 20,000 downloads which is a good data chunk to give me insights about how people like Word Head.

Here are some Word Head Facts:

1.  72% of Word Headers are Female
     28% are Male

2.  90% speak English
       6% speak Spanish
       2% speak German
       1% speaks French
       1% is everybody else

3.  34% are Age 35-54
     31% are Age 55+
     19% are Age 25-34
     10% are Age 13-17
       6% are Age 18-24

Believe it or not, 50% of people who try Word Head play it just once, then delete it off their device.

Another 25% play it a second time, then delete it off their device.

Only about 25% actually keep it and continue to play – True Word Headers – I love them!

Only 2% actually upgrade the game – nobody likes to pay for an App.

The analytics also tell me every time the game crashes.

These are pretty rare events.

1 out of 200 customers will experience a game crash.

If you’ve experience at least one crash, you will continue to see crashes.

If you’ve been playing the game without experiencing a crash, you will most likely never see a crash – 199 out of 200 customers.

I’ve identified the crash to an Opengl error in the Apple code.  I can’t fix it.  Apple needs to fix it after I’ve submitted a bug report to them.

But there’s another way around it I believe.  I was able to replicate these types of crashes only once during testing.  And the way I fixed it was by removing all the other Apps on the device out of memory.  So, if you are one of the unlucky 1 out of 200 and you still desire to be a Word Header, and have yet to delete the App off your device, then try the following:

1.  Remove all Apps from memory, including Word Head. To remove Apps from memory, double click the Home Button to display all Apps currently in memory, then start flicking the Apps displayed to the top of the screen - this will remove them from memory. Then restart Word Head - problem should be fixed.  Just remember to do this every time you play Word Head.

Be a Word Header!!!

"The graphics are neat and the gameplay concept is strong."
TheAppleGoogle.com - 4 Stars
Word Head is the "Rubik's Cube" of word search games.  It's like if Word Search and "Boggle" had a baby and made it in 3-D they'd call it "Word Head."  You manipulate a 3-D cube floating in mid air looking for words that can wrap and twist around the sides of the cube.  Move the cube up, down, 180 degrees to the left, 90 degrees to the right, there's nothing like it.  Word Head is highly addictive because its rotating 3 dimensional cube challenges players to quickly discover words from either a pre-selected or player-customized list.  Find the word, score points.  Once you find them all there's one more hurdle to clear, you must discover a special "hidden" word to win the game.

Word Head has numerous themed word lists to play, with many to unlock through the Alphabet Quest.  Each block on the rotating 3-D cube has a different letter that can be used to spell a word - whether horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.  Players can rotate the 3-D cube to search for the words listed on their screen. Players also can make their own word lists from an extensive word look-up provided in English, French, German, and Spanish - over 1.6 million words!  Share your custom word lists with friends through the Game Center and wireless Bluetooth.  Plus Word Head uses the iOS dictionary to provide definitions for many of the words.  And there are numerous Achievements  and Leader Boards to rank your Word Head on the Game Center.  So have fun, improve your mind and vocabulary, and play Word Head!
"It has a unique theme and concept and would not only appeal to word lovers,
but puzzle aficionados as well."
   The iPhoneAppReview.com - 4.5 Stars